Girls of Holes game

Girls of Holes

html5 game
Added: June 9, 2021
Tags: mobile sports


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Catch girls peeping out of holes.
There are 6 holes on the field. Girls are hiding in these holes.
But each of them may suddenly peep out of holes, and you may "catch" such girl.
You have a big ball, rolling on the on the field. When some girl peeps out of her hole, you may hit her with your ball to "catch" her (as kiddish Dodgeball).
Of course, the caught girl will strip for you.
Each girl have 2 strip levels. When you hit the girl 1st time, she strips to the 1st level, and the next time, she will strip to the top 2nd level.
To win the game, you must undress all 6 girls to the 2nd level.

Swipe over the ball in needed direction