Heating Pussies game

Heating Pussies

html5 game
Added: June 9, 2021
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Girls know, the most effective method, to become a Hot Girl, is to heat her pussy on a volcano.
But there is the danger to owerheat the pussy! Or not to heat it enought...
Your task is to control the pussy heating, and heat it just to the optimal value 250-260 kJ.
You have 3 heat-meters, the sum of all 3 meters data is the heat value, that you must adjust.
Move your "middle" heat-meter by the volcano surface, to find the needed optimal heat value.
Stop heating when the value is in the range 250-260 kJ - click on the screen, to stop.
If OK, you go to the next level, and girl undresses to heat her pussy more at the next level.
Heat up all 3 girls to the 7th level.

Drag left-right the "middle" heat-meter