Machine Gun Belt Strip game

Machine Gun Belt Strip

html5 game
Added: June 9, 2021
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You have Cards-Bullets in your machine gun belt, and your opponent has Cards-Targets.
Each Card-Bullet and Card-Target has its cards suit and the cards value.
Your machine gun belt is moving down, and opponents targets are moving to the top.
Shoot your bullets from the belt - click on the bullet.
When your Card-Bullet hits the Card-Target with the same suit :
- if your Card-Bullet has higher value, than the Card-Target, your card "covers" the target card, and the sum of their values goes to your Bank;
To win the set you must receive the amount of $100 or more in your Bank.
And sexy brunette Little Caprice will meet you on each next level with hotter strip show.

Click on Card-Bullets