MazyPussy game


html5 game
Added: June 9, 2021
Tags: labyrinth puzzles


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If you want to get to the pussy, first pass the maze...
You are in the maze with semi-transparent walls. The whole floor has an image of pretty girl.
Of course, every professional pussy-hunter is interested to see her pussy.
But most parts of the picture are hidden by walls, so you must move by the labyrinth to find her pussy.
Move your optic sight by the maze, and install it just on the pussy.
When youll find the pussy, the whole picture will become visible, and girl will reward you with hot show.
And, of course, youll get to the next level, with new pussy in the maze.

Swipe over the maze to "push" it in needed direction (up-down; left-right); [or arrow-keys]