RollerCoaster Strip Ride game

RollerCoaster Strip Ride

html5 game
Added: June 9, 2021
Tags: strip skills


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You have taken a whiskey bottle to the Roller Coaster ride, to give courage... You put the bottle on the panel, to drink, when it will be necessary.
But suddenly some fearless girl have jumped on the hood and seated just in front of you. The "train" has started, and pretty girl is performing some sexy dance on the hood.
But you dont want to lose your whiskey. With every turn of the car, the bottle moves left-right on the panel and may fall out! So you must catch the bottle and dont allow it to fall out of the panel.
You must hold out the whole ride (1 minute), and dont lose your bottle, to win the set, and get to the next level.
And if you go for the next ride, the girl will show more!

Click on the bottle