Sex with Massage Brush (Black Helmet on Sex Hunt-3) game

Sex with Massage Brush (Black Helmet on Sex Hunt-3)

html5 game
Added: June 9, 2021
Tags: action labyrinth logical


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Well known character Black Helmet again is on a Sex Hunt!
This time he has appeared in absolutely fantastic situation: he has fallen inside of the Massage Brush...
Some magic force has acted on Black Helmet, and suddenly he has minified and became small enough to fall between the pins of Massage Brush.
Suddenly he has noticed some beautiful blonde girl, also hiding between pins of this Massage Brush.
He must save the sexy Blonde ... from loneliness, in this dangerous wood of moving pins.
But fearful Blonde does not know about decent plans of Black Helmet, and she is hiding from him.
So, you must find, and catch her (to save!)
Of course, Blonde will be happy to be saved, and for sure, she will show her gratitude to you with her sex reward.

Swipe over the field in needed direction (left-right; up-down) (or use arrow-keys; "space" to stop).