Shoot The Dice-2 game

Shoot The Dice-2

html5 game
Added: June 9, 2021
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This time you have 6 dice ball-cubes rolling on the board. You have a gun, and may shoot these dice-balls to stop them.
When you hit the dice-ball, the glass ball crashes, and the cube stops in current position. Its value is summing at your score.
The idea of the game, is to receive the "Needed" score on the sum of 6 cubes, to go to the next level. On the 1st level this "Needed" score is 15 points, on the 2nd - 18,... etc... It increases with each higher level.
And the lesbian support becomes hotter with each next level!

To aim: Drag the sight with your mouse or finger; To shoot: release to shoot