Strip Street Show-3 game

Strip Street Show-3

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Added: June 9, 2021
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Of course you know about some girls, performing erotic show on the street and proposing some gambling game, where you may win her stripping.
This time the beautiful blonde may strip for you, if you win her street game: "Catch the Higher Card".
There are bouncing balls with cards symbols (e.g.: Ace of Spades; Queen of Hearts; Eight of Clubs; etc...).
Girl catches some "initial" card-ball, and you must catch another card-ball, to cover her initial ball.
The rule: Higher card covers the lower card of the same suit.
Catch cards-balls with your glass. If your card-ball has the same suit, and its rank is higher than her ball, you covers her ball.
Cover this way 4 her balls, to win the set and get to the next level.

Drag the glass left-right with your mouse or finger