Strip Tram game

Strip Tram

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Added: June 9, 2021
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Maybe you have noticed such situations, when a beautiful girl performing a pole dance around some casual vertical pipe on a street. Such situations are very often in the city transport: subway, tram, etc..., because there are lot of vertical pipes handrails.
Just a similar situation - you have entered a tram cabin and see the girl, dancing around the pole-handrail and stripping...
But, it happens very often, so most of modern trams are equipped with special ticket machine. So you may buy a ticket and enjoy the strip show.
If you have not enough money, not a problem. All city trams are also equipped with Poker-Machines, so you may easily win some cash, just in the cabin of a tram.
And dont be surprised, that when youll pay for the next ticket, a new girl will come to the tram and also start stripping around the pole-handrail...

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