Triplex Billiard-2 game

Triplex Billiard-2

html5 game
Added: June 9, 2021
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Billiard in threesome. (really challenging version!)
You play against 2 opponents on one table. All players may play simultaneously. Dont wait till your opponent will finish his turn - make your shot as your cue ball has stopped.
This version differs from the previous: each player has his "own" balls of some color, and he must put to pockets only his "own" balls (e.g. You play with Red cue ball, and your balls are Pink)
Only your Pink (and cue red) balls are scored for you. Other balls, Yellow are scored for the left (Yellow) opponent-1; Blue balls are scored for the right (Blue) opponnent-2.
The set finishes, when all balls of some player (some color) are put to the pockets.
The player who has the highest score wins the set, and the player, who has the lowest score - the loser.
The loser undresses to the next level.
So, try to undress both your sexy girls opponents.

Aiming: drag the sight (with mouse or finger); Hit: release to hit.