Video Wallpapers game

Video Wallpapers

html5 game
Added: June 9, 2021
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You are in a square room with Video-Wallpapers on all 4 walls. And the content of all videos is very erotic... You may turn from one wall to another and see four different girls performing strip shows on every wall.
But these Video-Wallpapers are interactive! You may pay to some girl on a Wallpaper and she will strip for you.
Collect money in this room. $1 dollar coins are falling from the ceil.
The principle: Two coins with equal values merge, and the resulting coin receives the value of the sum of merged coins.
You may move coins to any corner of the room, and from the corner to another corner, to merge coins there.
And strip them all!

Turn the room with arrow-keys (for mobile, slide on screen); Drag coins to merge them.