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2h 1m 44s

Release Date:

May 28, 2023



A year ago, the five friends were all in different places. Some were in school, some were in college, and some were working at different companies. They used to spend their days together, playing games, talking about their future, and most importantly, spending their time together. However, one day, their lives were completely turned upside down when tragedy struck. With the help of their close friend, Kakeru Aizawa, the five friends managed to overcome the tragedy, but never again did they have the same carefree days they once did. Now that they are all in different places and they don't have time to see each other, the five friends are reminded of their bond every day through a message they leave on each other's phones. One day, after talking to Kakeru, they decide to make a pact. They will do whatever it takes to meet up and spend one day together. If they can't do it in person, they will do it through technology. But when they finally reunite, they soon realize that they have forgotten a lot of things and they have changed as well. The five friends go through some changes and start a new journey.



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